Focused European Returns

Focused European Returns

€ 500mn+



Executed Investments

50+ years

Cumulative Experience

The Astra mission

We have only one goal — providing our investors with outsized risk-reward on their capital. To achieve this, we have a simple approach that proves to work every time again: We are focused and we pay attention to details at all levels.

Per ardua ad astra.

→ Who we are

→ What we do

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Who we are

Astra is an emerging European investment business focusing on outsized risk-reward opportunities for our investors. We manage capital on behalf of pension funds, institutions and high-net-worth individuals with the mission to constantly deliver best-in-class returns whilst maintaining careful consideration around each investment. Astra’s thematic businesses are centered around three alternative asset classes: real estate, credit, and special situations.

What we do

Our investment approach is underpinned by rigorous due diligence and a thorough understanding of value maximization. Astra’s bottom-up principle follows a wider sector strategy where we identify premiere high-growth industries providing ample exit liquidity. We further leverage our skill set by the specific management support of highly-localized first-grade operating partners for each geography and sector.

Real Estate

Urban Logistics, Residential,
Data Centers


Single-name Loans,
Bridge Financing

Special Situation

Healthcare Receivables,

What we look for

  • Single asset or portfolio opportunities in high-growth sectors out of complex or motivated situations 
  • Distressed or illiquid opportunities with urgent credit requirement
  • Strategic investments in focus markets with ample value improvement opportunities
  • €5m-€100m equity ticket size

The Astra Distinction

Dedicated Network

Astra is working with a well-curated network of local operating partners in all geographies and sectors that we invest in of which most work exclusively with us


Institutional Execution

Experienced investment team with top-tier pedigree warranting uncompromising analysis and investment selection

Operational Excellence

Dedicated in-house operations team that provides seamless integration of all layers of complexity, structuring and investment valuation


Closing Certainty

Astra can invest without depending on third party financing giving our counterparties certainty of closing


From deal introduction over investment approval to closing the Astra team can efficiently transact in 20 days


No matter how complex the situation, the Astra team will employ a seller-friendly way to unlock the opportunity and transact without over-negotiation

The Astra Way